5 Tips To Make Your Newborn Photography Session A Success

Newborn baby with a wrap and floral headband

New parents go through a profoundly emotional period when welcoming their newborn. And one of the best ways to capture this time is through newborn photography.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Preparation is important regardless of whether you hire a professional photographer or do it yourself. Here are some essential newborn photography tips to help you record your most little one’s most precious moments:

1. Time the photoshoot well.

Newborn babies change quickly. Make sure to plot a newborn photography session within two weeks of birth. Your bundle of joy is usually more cooperative and sleepier during this time. Plus, the baby’s curled-up newborn pose makes for beautiful photos.

As for the time of day, it’s best to schedule your newborn photo session in the morning while the baby is awake. Keeping the baby's feeding and sleeping schedule in mind is imperative to a successful photo shoot.

2. Choose the right location.

The photoshoot’s location should be warm and well-lit. Your goal is to get good photos without sacrificing your child’s comfort.

If you choose to take pictures of your baby at home, natural light can make a difference. Window light is key to taking professional newborn photos. Using flash can be bothersome for your child and causes the photos to appear less natural.

3. Prepare the baby and everyone else included in the shoot.

Ensure the baby is well-fed and has a clean diaper before the scheduled newborn photoshoot. Babies have their own schedules, so think ahead and be flexible with breaks. Prepare whatever they need for nap and feeding time.

Newborn photography isn't always about the baby alone. You can make the affair a family portrait photoshoot. Teach the entire family how to cradle the baby properly while supporting their head and neck.

4. Dress your newborn correctly.

Comfort should be top-of-mind for your baby. Soft, breathable natural fabrics, like wool, cotton, and bamboo, are easy on your baby’s skin. Clothes made from these materials are also easier to move in.

Details like too many buttons or zippers, or on the other hand, need to be avoided. These can cause discomfort when they rub against your baby’s delicate skin. Instead, choose clothing with snaps or ties. These enclosures don’t scratch and are easy for parents to put on and take off.

That said, one of the best newborn photography ideas is to keep things simple. Plain clothes, like our round collar onesiepant set or Charlotte romper, and wraps will make your little one’s cuteness stand out.

5. Coordinate with accessories and props.

Tie everything together with the help of adorable details. Accessories, like floral or silk headbands and our fur pom hats can complement your child’s simple outfit. Just make sure you don’t choose loud designs.

As for props, think about your baby photoshoot ideas. Blankets, pillows, or baskets work well on making the photos look more cozy. These items are not purely aesthetic, though. Blankets, for one, can keep your newborn warm if you’re shooting in a cold room.

As for mere practicality, here’s one of the best newborn photography props: White noise on a speaker. This sound can soothe your little one throughout the photoshoot or help your baby fall asleep between shoots.

Here’s To A Successful Newborn Photoshoot Session

These 5 simple new born photography tips can help you capture your baby’s best moments. Complete your baby photoshoot with the right clothes and accessories. At Cygnet Living, we make sure each piece is designed for comfort and security.

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