Planning the Perfect Children’s Photoshoot

Capturing the moment of childhood in a portrait has been a priority for parents for centuries. Today the modern photoshoot starts with newborns and progresses to yearly milestone pictures and family photos to send out to friends and family during the holiday season. As photography moved from film to digital photos, the number of photographers for hire grew exponentially. The improvement in cell phone cameras has moms creating some pretty impressive digital art with their children as the subject. Classic children’s clothing is always a picture perfect look. Scheduling photoshoots with professionals as children grow is a great idea even when your phone is full of great pictures. Newborn photoshoots need to be booked many months in advance of the...

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Tips for Choosing Unique Gifts for Expecting Mothers

When you hear the news that your dear friend or family member is expecting, all the excitement is just beginning. Sending a congratulatory text, a personal phone call or even being the first to send a simple gift is such a personal way to take part in their joy. All the emotions are running at high speed during this exciting season in their life. They are about to begin following the learning curve of a lifetime! Sometimes new moms need a little affirmation (especially if this is their first baby). A special gift for the expectant mom may give her the boost in confidence that she can rock the road ahead! Cygnet Living is a small online boutique with the...

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