Styling Tips: How to Pair Baby's Bonnetts with Different Outfits

Baby lies on white background wearing cute knitted baby bonnet

Knitted bonnets are timeless and stand as one of the cutest newborn outfit accessories you can find. They add a classic touch to any look while offering your little one ultimate comfort and protection from the frigid winter nights to the sunny summer days. 

Ready to dress baby in an adorable outfit with a bonnet? Here are some of our favorites to add to your little one’s timeless wardrobe.

Casual Style: Onesies and Bonnet for Newborn

Casual style, especially for newborns, is all about comfort and simplicity. When we picture a baby in a bonnet, it accompanies a simple onesie for a classic look. There’s no need to dress your baby in something extravagant; a onesie and matching bonnet capture the sweetness and innocence of a newborn baby while prioritizing comfort and happiness. 

Consider our Lane Romper paired with a Baby Blue or Dusty Rose bonnet for your baby boy or girl. 

Fun and Flexible: Bonnets, Bubbles and Rompers

Bubbles and rompers are a simple and sweet way to dress baby without worrying about multiple layers or pieces of clothing. This is another casual style option that can pair well with a bonnet, adding a subtle touch of innocence to any look as your little one starts roaming around and exploring the world.

Our classic and comfy Avocado Long Sleeve romper works well with our cream colored bonnet for boys and girls!  

Something Dressy: Bonnets, Dresses and Matching Sets

Bonnets are cozy and inviting for babies who are ready to snuggle up, but they also make a darling accessory when it’s time to get dressed up. Whether you’re planning an outfit for the annual Christmas card photoshoot or prepping for an upcoming family gathering, a sweet bonnet can bring the outfit together.

Pair our Boys Striped Sweater Set or Gigi Dress with a cream colored bonnet for an elegant look. 

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With the softest and highest quality materials, we can help you dress your baby in adorable clothing that stays in great shape throughout the newborn milestones.

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