Boy Bottoms

This adorable collection of boy shorts, boy pants, and boy bloomers are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any young child. 

It can be hard to find just the right style of boy kid pants that are both stylish and functional, and we at Cygnet Living have walked that line in bringing you this collection of pull-on pants that are perfect for any baby, toddler, or young man. 

From the classic blue Gingham Bloomers, which have a very Cape Cod formality while still retaining childlike fun, to the Aqua Seesucker Pant which will make any child look ready for Sunday brunch and then a giggling tumble down a grassy hill. 

Made with the intention of bringing as much delight to the parents of the child as to the child themselves, these boy pants and boy bottoms are at once sophisticated and whimsical, new and old. A little bit of old fashioned chic and a heavy dose of modern playtime sensibilities. 

With pants sizes that can vary from 12M to 6, this fashion collection is bound to fill days with laughter and create many memorable moments captured on film for generations. Your boy will look dapper and dandy in seersucker, cuddly and cozy in knits, and playful and carefree in bloomers. 

Shop our boys bottoms above!