8 Tips for Styling Your Baby for a Vintage-Inspired Photoshoot

A baby wearing a red beret holds a vintage camera during a photoshoot

The key to a truly timeless photoshoot is simplicity and the secret to a spectacular shoot is classic, vintage-inspired clothing. With the right outfit, you’ll easily create modern moments that inspire a sense of nostalgia.

Continue reading to discover our 8 tips for styling vintage baby boy clothes to get amazing photos. We’ll include darling baby boy outfit ideas that will ensure you create amazing memories along the way. 

Tip #1: Focus on Texture and Materials

What differentiates the cute baby styles of today from the timeless styles of simpler eras? In many cases, it’s materials. Focus on choosing high-quality materials like cotton, Merino wool, and cashmere. 

As a bonus, these materials often offer a subtle sense of texture, adding depth to your photos. 

Tip #2: Add Timeless Accessories

The secret to creating cute retro outfits is to build them around the accessories. For example, start with a darling pair of boy’s knee socks. They will instantly transport you back in time. 

From there, it should be easy to find a bubble-style boy’s romper or pair of shortalls that coordinate beautifully. Voila! You have a timeless outfit! 

Tip #3: Think About Layers 

Another way to add depth and visual interest to your photos is to dress your little one in layers. Achieving preppy, vintage style is all about building depth. Pair sweet collared shirts with bubbles or rompers, then add a pair of knee socks to tie it together. 

A shirt and suspender set is another great option. Nothing is cuter than a sweet little one in suspenders!

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Monogram

Monogrammed and embroidered knitwear will instantly transport you back in time! This small, personal detail is the perfect blend of modern and nostalgic. Look for embroidered collars, monogrammed sweaters, and cardigans featuring varsity letter-inspired initials. 

Tip #5: Stick to Stripes

Stripes are a classic pattern for a reason, inspired by 1950s boyswear. A striped shirt or romper is an easy way to achieve timeless style with preppy details. 

Tip #6: Details Matter

You just don’t see details like cable knitting or wooden buttons anymore. Choosing pieces with interesting, delicate details is a great way to achieve a classic look. 

Tip #7: Comfort Is Key 

The perfect outfit will only help you capture perfect moments if your baby is comfortable! Prioritize comfortable fit, ease of movement, and soft materials. We promise you’ll achieve better poses and more authentic toothless baby smiles!

Tip #8: When In Doubt, Simple and Subtle 

Finally, focus on neutrals and muted color schemes. For a more preppy look, aim for whites and pastels. For a timeless outfit, go with subtle solids. You can never go wrong with classic white!

Dress to Impress in Vintage Baby Boy Clothes 

High-quality vintage baby boy clothes will add simplicity to your next photoshoot. Allow the textures, colors, and silhouettes to do the work so you can focus on encouraging your sweet baby to smile! 

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