Amazing Nursery Room Ideas for Your Newborn

Amazing Nursery Room Ideas for Your Newborn


Preparing for the arrival of your little one is filled with fun but the most excitement surrounds the decoration of the nursery. This is the room friends and family will want to come and see. Sometimes the sweetest photoshoots are taken in your very own studio - your nursery! Dressed in their monogrammed Welcome Baby Gown or maybe the Vintage Layette Set, your nursery can provide the perfect photographic background. Breaking this project down into a list of smaller tasks will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and help you to actually enjoy the transformation process.

The first task on the nursery prep list is room preparation. Is the room already a blank slate? Is it currently a guest room or an office? Cleaning out furniture that won’t be used for the baby is the first step. Can you repurpose that chest of drawers in another room of the house? Is it something you can donate? Ask for help with this task. The last thing you need to be doing as an expectant mother is tugging on heavy furniture! Once the room is cleared out, give it a deep cleaning. Drapes can be laundered, window shutters dusted, baseboards wiped down. Is there a ceiling fan or hanging light fixture that will be part of the decor? Give this a good cleaning as well. Once again, if you are early on in your pregnancy, you may feel too queasy to be doing a deep clean. Enlist a friend or family member for this task or even hire a cleaning service. Deep cleaning the rest of the house is always a great thing to accomplish before the baby comes as well.

Second (and a lot more enjoyable than clearing and cleaning) is choosing the color palette and putting the foundation of the decor into place. Think about the colors that appeal to you and fit your personal style. Most paint stores have a consultant that would be more than happy to discuss color palettes with you. Armed with your paint color sample strips, take some time to peruse your different options over a cozy cup of decaf. Once you think you know the color family you want to use, consider some small jars of sample paint. Some paint companies even offer peel and stick 8x10 paint samples to put right on your wall. The benefit of a small painted section will give you a few days to look at it and see what the color does in different light… morning, evening, blinds open, blinds closed etc. Newer paints are much safer and there are even “green” options too. If you plan on painting yourself you may want to wait til your morning sickness has subsided. Be sure to properly ventilate the room while painting. Again, budget permitting there are many reasonably priced home painters. The best part is they are usually super tidy... no drips on the floor!

The next step is furniture. Obviously a crib will be part of the main furniture but depending on your preferences and the size of the room, you may want a chest of drawers. In a smaller room , the top of the chest can double as a changing station. Sometimes a small armoire is nice to house those special baby items. When the doors of the armoire are opened you are greeted with the sweetest decor of all: your baby’s newborn wardrobe. From Theodore Rompers to the Gingham Bloomers, monogrammed baby clothing is always so special. Most moms enjoy a rocking chair as part of their nursery furnishings as well. Tucked in a corner, an upholstered rocker or glider creates a quiet comfy space to cuddle or nurse your baby. The Heirloom Baby Blanket is such a lovely ivory neutral to toss across the back of t55he rocker. Sometimes moms are known to use it as a snuggly cover for themselves! Space permitting, a small bookcase is a great start for your future readers book collection, special gifts and stuffed toys. Other items to consider are a small fan for air circulation, or even a small air purification unit.

Now for the fun part... the accessories! These are your baby crib linens, throw pillows, wall art, lamps and rugs. Take your time with this part of the project, savor it for the special season that this is. Look through online stores, search for nursery themes for inspiration in creating your own nursery decorating ideas. Remember you don’t have to “match” everything. Your color palette will most likely include several colors and a little pop of contrast keeps things fun. A lamp with variable settings gives you lots of options for middle of the night diaper changes. A floor lamp by your rocker is wonderful for the transition from rocking your newborn to reading to your toddler. Throw pillows not only lend their texture and color to your nursery, they are practical for propping up those floppy little newborns or tucking behind mom’s back. A super plush rug lends a softness to the room that makes your nursery such an inviting oasis to escape the new stress of parenthood and relax for a bit with your wee one. This may become one of your favorite rooms in the house! Our soft and comfy Mom’s Embroidered Sweater stitched with your baby’s name is just about the perfect casual garment that gives you the ease to rock and nurse your baby. Some rooms are adorned with darling peg rail. Sweet baby things from little cardigans to baby bonnets can hang conveniently and lend their tiny charm to the overall look of the room.

You may be one of those moms that decorates the nursery knowing whether the baby is a boy or girl. You may have already given them a name. Some moms love a good surprise and decorate a neutral nursery and save the last of the decorating until after the baby has made their debut into the world. Whatever you decide, this special room will match your personality and give you that welcome space that says to your newborn: you are so very special and so very loved!

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