Classic Outfits to Dress Your Children in this Easter


Classic Outfits

Classic outfits for kids are always at their best around the holidays, and next to the Christmas season, kids' easter outfits are the highlight of spring. As the days start to warm up and those short, dreary days melt into longer sunny ones, every mom is anxious to bring out the pastels and bright colors of spring. Easter outfit ideas for kids start arriving on the covers of catalogs and in cute Instagram ads but a few things will make all your springtime activities not only photo worthy but fun and comfortable for your little ones. Think about the activities that they will be participating in . . . will there be an egg hunt, a dinner, a religious service? Planning an outfit that will carry them through the day is certainly one option but maybe consider a dressy outfit for the service and family photos and changing them into something a little more comfortable and sporty that will help them hop right through the day as cute as a bunny. Think ahead to what the weather is usually like in your area. Maybe check the long range weather forecast but clothes that layer may really come in handy especially for easter outfits for toddlers. The day may start and end a little chilly but the bulk of the day may be a perfect springtime temperature. The Color Edged Cardigan from Cygnet Living is a perfect extra layer and can be dressed up or down. Bibs can be the best friend of a darling outfit but the good news is that Cygnet clothes come with detailed washing instructions and survive most holiday mishaps! Think about whether your little one can take a little nap. The casual clothes from Cygnet Living are as comfy as pajamas and they will wake up with their clothes barely wrinkled.

 Are you going to plan coordinating outfits for the family? Siblings? Cousins? Cygnet is ready for spring with many matching brother/sister combinations or older sibling/baby outfits. Their easter clothes for toddlers are easily coordinated with some of the same pastel shades in the baby collection. Maybe your group looks better in neutrals or bright colors. Cygnet has brights in both casual and dressy classic outfits for kids. The spring line includes some gorgeous florals that coordinate with comfy Bobby shirts as well as sweaters for brothers. Mom, this may be your time to treat yourself to one of Cygnet’s luxurious sweaters for you that can be customized with a monogram color to coordinate with your crew. If your style is more coastal there are a lot of casual neutrals that will carry you through spring on into summer. Nautical lover? They have you covered with the sweetest sailboat set for boys and girls and enough red, white and blue to carry you right through to the Fourth of July.

Spring has sprung and enjoying a little planning time to think about easter outfit ideas for kids will make the photos from the day a memory to treasure.