Essentials for Your Child’s Fall Wardrobe

Essentials for Your Child’s Fall Wardrobe

With school back in full swing and cooler nights upon us, it’s time to get that Fall wardrobe ready for service! Start by going through last year's Fall and Winter clothing. Sometimes jackets and long sleeve shirts will still fit the next year.  But most pants don’t meet muster anymore since the Summer surge in growth seems to affect their height the most. It must be all that swimming that grows them like weeds. Kids wardrobes will need to include everything from play clothes to special occasion wear. You will want your Fall wardrobe essentials, like the perfect lightweight jacket as weather sometimes catches us by surprise as a cool evening wraps up an especially warm day.

Once you’ve removed all the outgrown clothes, decide quickly whether to donate, share with a friend or save for the hand me down box. You need them out of the way to make room for the new. Doing the same with their Summer clothes will keep their closet less crowded. Keep a few warm weather outfits for those last days of summer or maybe even a trip to a warmer climate. Take all their Fall clothes out and lay them on the bed so you can really take an inventory of what they have. Then comes the fun of filling in all the gaps with some of the new looks for this year.

List making will keep you from ending up with pants with no top to match and vice versa. For example, my toddler wardrobe checklist would have headings like: School Clothes, Play Clothes, Outerwear, Jammies, Special Occasion, Undergarments, Shoes, and Accessories. How many items you need in each category will depend a lot on the climate where you live. Florida kid’s wardrobes may only need some long sleeve shirts like our Bobby shirt while kids a little further north would really get a lot of wear out of the super soft merino wool sweaters. Think a little beyond Fall for the special occasion clothes as holiday items have the best selection early on. Sometimes you find the perfect dress but when you go to order your child’s size is sold out. The Katie dress is a beautiful sage gingham with several bow options for multiple looks. Early shopping for holiday shopping also ensures the availability for the siblings as well. The Campbell collection has a dress, bloomers and pants so regardless of age there is something for every young sibling group. 

Bows make super sweet accessories and Cygnet Living has added some beautiful colors for the fall as well as baby bows on a soft and stretchy headband. Fall is a great time to plan a family photo shoot. Grosgrain is great for wear  but we are stocked with plenty of choices in satin as well. Cygnet carries some darling leather baby shoes that are designed to complement many of our Fall looks. 

Jammies are where you can let your child have some input. Do they like the pajamas with space ships or are they a dog lover? You may want to pick out a few matching holiday jammies since so many photos will include them. 

New underwear are nice for the new season. Summer has a way of wearing them out! Depending on how cold your Fall season is, you may want to go ahead and get some long underwear and snug t-shirts for layering. Thicker socks and dress socks in dark colors will transition you from the whites and brights of summer. Kneesocks can be hard to find but we are ready with some cute and comfy additions.

Playclothes usually call for long pants or darling shorts with knee socks. The Jameson short has a great fit with its adjustable waist band. Keep it comfortable with cozy knits and warm wool blends. Look for outfits that will stand up to lots of wash and wear (especially with a toddler wardrobe). I think we all can agree that outdoor play is especially fun in the glorious days of September, October and November! 

Finish off your fall wardrobe with some comfy cardigans that add just that little extra layer for a cooler day. Pop a monogram on it to give it that unique look (and to make sure the right sweater comes home from the park or school). A windbreaker is something to tuck in their backpack and if showers bring in cold fronts where you live, a raincoat is about the cutest thing on a toddler as he heads off to stomp in puddles. 

School clothes can be super cute for Fall and Cygnet Living even has some basics that can be used with schools that have a flexible uniform dress code. The kids merino wool sweater comes in both cream and navy. The Elizabeth skirt has some great school colors as well. 

Have fun with this project, the days will come quickly when they have LOTS of opinions on what they want to wear so dress them up to capture the moment of childhood. The memories of rosy cheeked kids in squishy sweaters on a crisp Autumn day will be some of your favorites. 

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