Newborn Clothing Essentials You'll Need When Bringing Home Your Baby

Newborn Clothing Essentials You'll Need When Bringing Home Your Baby

It is such a special time when the baby finally arrives. That last part of pregnancy can seem longer than it is and hopefully you have done a little pre-planning for your newborn clothing essentials or maybe friends and family have already hosted a baby shower in your honor. “How many newborn clothes do I need?” is probably one of the most common questions besides questions about beds and carseats. First time moms may be asking “what do newborns wear?”

The answer to these questions has a little to do with these factors:

  • The size of your baby
  • How often you want to do laundry
  • What is the season and the climate where you live
  • What is your style

Most newborns need 5-7 footed sleepers regardless of the season. These will keep their little legs and feet covered as they are learning to maintain their own body temperature. The same number of onesies comes in handy as well. These are great for layering and small enough to pack in your diaper bag in case of a blow out or major spit-up. Pants and shirt outfits are also good regardless of the season for the same reason. Air conditioning can be a little cool for them or if it is a winter month, you can use these pant sets as a base for another layer and then have the option to remove a layer once you get into the toasty indoors. A little sweater or cardigan is a must to bring along as well whenever you travel and might be a good thing to carry in your diaper bag as well. Most babies can fit into a newborn size for their trip home but 0-3 months may be necessary if you have a baby over 8 pounds or so. Don’t forget hats. The hospital sometimes provides you with one but a special hat coordinated with a vintage baby outfit will become a special (easy to store) keepsake. Some moms prefer baby gowns for easy access when changing diapers, especially when they are just a wee one. If you use gowns, be sure to have plenty of baby socks to keep their tootsies warm (7 pairs assorted would be perfect). Swaddling a newborn can bring them great comfort when they make their debut into a world with a lot more space. The snug bundling makes them feel secure and can prevent them from startling themselves. Some moms only swaddle in the first few days and weeks and others find that sleep sacks help their darling sleep more comfortably even as an older baby. You will figure out what is right for you. If you do use swaddles,  a couple should be sufficient. Blankets aren't clothes but moms can just about do anything if they have a blanket. Besides keeping babies warm or free of drafts, moms use them to block the sunlight streaming into their carrier, wipe up spit up, or even use as their own nursing cover! A nice blanket can be a  part of a beautiful vintage baby outfit or an item you will be able to work magic with as the need arises! Newborns don’t need shoes but oh how sweet they are. If you live in a colder climate, crib shoes are one more layer and will sometimes help keep the socks on those itty bitty little feet!

It’s nice to plan a special “coming home outfit”. Sweet first snapshots of your baby will be taken so you will want them looking their best. Cygnet Living has a Vintage Layette Set that will check all the boxes. It is beautiful on every baby, boy or girl, is super soft and comfy and comes with free personalization . . . a name drop or monogram. A super popular choice is the Welcome Baby Gown which can also be personalized and has a coordinating Welcome Baby Blanket that can also carry a name or special message. We also have a gorgeous Heirloom Baby Blanket that is such high quality you can save it for them to wrap up their first little one. Our Heirloom Bonnet coordinates and frames that little cherub face with a soft ruffle and makes for the most lovely newborn pictures. Baby girls can wear home one of our small satin bows placed on the softest stretchy nylon band. The perfect first fashion statement!

As you can see, babies are pretty special to us at Cygnet Living. Drink in those fleeting moments of fresh baby snuggles. Before you know it, you’ll have to shop in our toddler department!