Planning the Perfect Children’s Photoshoot

children’s photoshoot

Capturing the moment of childhood in a portrait has been a priority for parents for centuries. Today the modern photoshoot starts with newborns and progresses to yearly milestone pictures and family photos to send out to friends and family during the holiday season. As photography moved from film to digital photos, the number of photographers for hire grew exponentially. The improvement in cell phone cameras has moms creating some pretty impressive digital art with their children as the subject. Classic children’s clothing is always a picture perfect look. Scheduling photoshoots with professionals as children grow is a great idea even when your phone is full of great pictures.

Newborn photoshoots need to be booked many months in advance of the baby’s due date with photographers “penciling” you in so that the baby can be photographed within a few days of their birth. Popular professional photographers should be contacted as soon as you know you are expecting a little one. Choosing the right tiny clothes is important to capture all the sweetness and Cygnet Living has carefully designed their classic newborn clothing to be as soft and comfy for the baby as it is for the person holding the beloved bundle. The Welcome Baby Gown makes diaper changes so much easier and the complimentary personalization gives it a vintage style. The Vintage Layette Set also works for boys or girls and a name or monogram makes it a unique piece of classic clothing. Bringing a full diaper bag and changes of clothing is essential for your newborn photoshoot. They usually spend a couple of hours with you and your baby. Moms are often photographed with their sweet newborn so thinking about your wardrobe is something to be planned as well. Not only does Cygnet Living carry timeless children’s clothing, they have designed the perfect neutral with their Women’s Cotton and Cashmere Sweater. They also have a Women’s Merino Wool Sweater for a thicker comfy feel. Some moms put their baby’s name in a heart with personalization always complimentary. Your photographer will be sure to fill you in on any details but usually sleepy baby’s are best for a newborn shoot. Plan on feeding your baby at some point during the session so if you are nursing, choose clothing that makes that an easy task.

Photography for children gets a little more complicated. Planning in advance with a special toy, snack, etc. may help hold their attention. Again your photographer will provide you with some of the tricks of the trade to help capture some amazing pictures. Children may not always be in the mood to have their picture taken so scheduling the shoot at their best time of day is important. Are they crabby in the morning? Schedule for the afternoon. A sunny morning person? Schedule right after breakfast. Your photographer may ask for your help in talking to them to get the photos while not being distracted by the camera. Don’t tell them to smile but instead tell them something funny or make a funny face. Act out a little toy with a silly voice. If the session is for just one child, your choice of clothing is simplified. When choosing what they will wear, think about the background. Is it inside a studio or outside? Is it in a wooded area or the beach? The other thing to consider is where will the printed photographs be displayed? Are you having a wall portrait done or is this for small frames on a mantel? Are they primarily for you or are they gifts for grandparents? The clothing you select should blend both with the photographic background as well as the room in which they will be displayed. Classic children’s clothing will keep your photo timeless and create personal art for your walls. A Claire Dress from Cygnet Living is a neutral classic. Its old world charm and soft cotton kissed with cashmere will create an elegant look for a photograph in a formal living area. If your little darling will be photographed at the beach, a Sailor Dress in 100% combed cotton will look “beachy” and keep her cool and comfortable during the session. The Cygnet Living Sanibel Dress for a boat or seaside shoot sets the perfect mood. Boys can dress up too for a formal photograph. A boat makes an especially good photo backdrop for little boys and holds their interest while the photographer snaps the most adorable pictures in a boys Sailor Short Set. Cygnet Living specializes in hard to find classic clothing sets for boys. Whether you prefer preppy, vintage style, something traditional or even fun and retro, Cygnet Living has basics and seasonal attire to clothe your little boy before he grows up!  The Stewart Short Set would be darling for a garden setting. For something more casual that will go in small frames, the Children’s Merino Wool Sweater with their name embroidered on the front will keep your memory of how comfy and squishy they were in their personal sweater!

More than one child in a picture just adds to the “fun” of lassoing everyone’s best expression in one photo. Keep your expectations for perfection at bay and trust your photographer to catch some whimsy with their lens! Sometimes your craziest photos will be your favorite. You may even choose to frame that silly one that makes you laugh every time you see it. These photos are sometimes the most natural and they catch a bit of each child’s personality. With several children in one picture, choosing their wardrobe takes a bit more planning. Use the same guidelines as above: background, where will this picture be displayed, etc. Sometimes Moms like to buy matching outfits and if your children are close together this is easily accomplished. But consider “coordinating” outfits rather than “matching ” them. The overall effect is more natural and again will make a more artistic presentation when displayed as part of your decor. Cygnet Living not only designs a lot of styles in neutral colors, they have coordinating clothing from ages newborn through size six. If there are older children or adults, you’ll want to select one of the colors of the younger children’s outfits but try to avoid any dramatic prints or stripes. Leave anything colorful to the younger ones.

Make sure to take the time to actually print off some of your own phone photography. With all the new editing apps you may end up with a treasured  photo. Even planning your own photo shoot can document a milestone whether it be a birthday, holiday, or vacation, coordinating outfits will lend a professional look to your effort. Cygnet Living is happy to chat with you over the messaging app to keep you from getting overwhelmed and to bring out the best for your photoshoot!