Tips for Choosing Unique Gifts for Expecting Mothers

gifts for expecting mothers

When you hear the news that your dear friend or family member is expecting, all the excitement is just beginning. Sending a congratulatory text, a personal phone call or even being the first to send a simple gift is such a personal way to take part in their joy. All the emotions are running at high speed during this exciting season in their life. They are about to begin following the learning curve of a lifetime! Sometimes new moms need a little affirmation (especially if this is their first baby). A special gift for the expectant mom may give her the boost in confidence that she can rock the road ahead! Cygnet Living is a small online boutique with the most luxurious mommy sweaters that can be personalized with a name, monogram, or short phrase. This mom to be gift can be sent as a surprise for your loved one. As she unwraps a custom merino and cashmere sweater with “New Mommy” elegantly embroidered in a dainty heart, her heart will overflow. You may want to send a gift card for a day at the spa, bring her a simple home-cooked meal or offer to run an errand for her. The joyous news is often followed by a little queasiness in the early days of pregnancy and now more than ever she needs your support. 

Next on the calendar will be a baby shower to celebrate this new little life. Friends and family gather together to laugh, eat, and tell their own birth stories and strengthen the bonds of friendship and family that form the network that will carry this child from birth and beyond. Each person plays a part in shaping who they are... it’s a tradition that gives moms-to-be the courage they need to forge ahead to motherhood. Gifts of course play a big part in the celebration and all will comment how many things are needed for just one little person... unless twins, well that’s just double the fun! Moms-to-be will have their registries and baby lists all prepared for you to choose from for their celebration. Sometimes they are very particular about a certain brand (especially if this is a second baby) but sometimes they are overwhelmed and would welcome your input if you have a favorite piece of baby equipment. 

Many times it is difficult to find unique gifts for expecting mothers in our age of big box stores. Classic children’s clothing and even vintage style children’s clothing is a gift that stands out and will end up being the mommy-to-be’s favorite. Cygnet Living takes it one step further with free monogramming making their timeless children’s clothing a personal favorite. Their quality infant clothing makes beautiful upscale baby gifts. Made with superior yarns and fabrics, these timeless designs in children’s clothing hold up to the rigors of babyhood. The mom to be will “ooo” and “ahh” when she opens the satin ribbon closing the muslin bag in which each vintage inspired piece is placed. Layette sets are a particularly sweet gift as every new mom wants that special outfit to bring home their newborn darling. 

Newborn photo shoots are the tradition as professionals capture that fresh moment of new life. Cygnet Living has specially designed their vintage layette sets to be comfortable for the baby and easy for the new mom to take care of. With their little name embroidered on the front, it is a sweet announcement to the world of their arrival. Your Cygnet Living Vintage Layette or Welcome Baby Gown may be the one that is remembered forever when it is selected to be part of the newborn photo session!

Choosing that perfect baby shower gift for the expectant mother is such a fun way to take part in this life event, but more is to come with each passing birthday. Finding the special gift for the baby's first birthday and all the holidays to come keeps you connected to this new little family. The children’s Merino Wool Sweater is so soft most kids don’t want to take it off! Classic children’s clothing is a way to let “them be little” in a world that grows them up so very fast. Finding a company like Cygnet Living to make giving quality infant and children’s clothing with a vintage style easy is something you’ll appreciate with each passing year. Their outstanding customer service makes every personalized baby gift part of a timeless children’s clothing wardrobe.