Top 8 Tips for Washing Kids’ Clothes

A mother washes clothes with kids

When it comes to kids, washing clothes can be a lot of work! That’s especially true when your kids are active and dressed adorably. Nothing’s worse than looking for that perfect romper just to find it has a big stain on it.

You want your kids to look great, and you want their clothes to last and last. We’ve put together a list of our top 8 tips for washing clothes for your kids.

Buy Quality

Caring for kids' clothes starts with picking the right clothes, to begin with. You’ll want overalls, dresses, and preppy sailor suits that are built to last. Choose machine-washable clothes that are made from high-quality materials.

Follow Care Instructions

On anything you buy, check the care instructions. Make sure that the sweater you picked doesn’t need to be dry cleaned BEFORE you pop it in the washing machine. Those instructions are designed to maximize the life of the clothing, so follow them closely.

Wash Children’s Clothes Before Wearing

Wherever possible, wash children’s clothes before washing. Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Shu says “This is because the clothes have been handled by multiple people before being brought home, and it's impossible to know what has touched the fabric. In addition, certain dyes in the fabric may leave a residue on the skin or rub off on other clothing.”

Pre-treat Stains

In the event of a stain (they will happen), treat it as soon as you can. Keep a stain-pen in the glovebox, diaper bag, or anywhere nearby. Treat the stain with a stain remover, and soak it when possible. Pretreating can be a vital part of the laundry process.

Pick Baby-friendly Detergent

We recommend a laundry detergent that is designed for delicate skin, especially when you are washing clothes for kids under 2. Baby detergent can wash your baby clothes while protecting sensitive skin.

Wash with Cold Water

Except in cases of a severe blowout, cold water can get clothes just as clean as hot water. And, it’s much better for the environment and the clothing items themselves. Hot water can harm the fibers in those clothes you love, and contemporary washing machines are built to wash even really dirty clothes great on cold.

Use the Gentle Cycle

You’ll notice the care instructions for lots of kid's clothes, like most items in our collections, specify that you use the gentle or delicate washing cycle on your machine. Children’s clothes are small and sweet, so delicate care works best when caring for kids' clothes. Gentle cycles and small load sizes can help clothes last longer.

Make Laundry Fun

While it’s not a tip for wishing clothes for your kids, we wanted to mention that washing clothes with your kid is a great way to make that chore more fun. Obviously, this will work better for bigger kids, but teaching your kids to help and participate in laundry time can teach great skills and get the work done at the same time.

Make it a game to see who can fold clothes faster. Play color games when sorting clothes. Maybe a game of laundry basket basketball with dirty clothes?

Great laundry starts with the perfect clothes. Cygnet Living has just the thing in our collection of classic and timeless clothes for babies and kids.