Travel with Baby: Tips and Tricks for Flying

Flying with babies can be stressful; not only are you carrying your own luggage and making sure the family gets to the plane, you also have a little one to nurture and entertain en route to your destination.

But bringing your little ones along for the ride through the sky doesn’t have to feel utterly impossible. Here are some simple tips for traveling with an infant or toddler on a plane:

Arrive Early to Avoid Complications

Arriving at the airport early is the easiest way to avoid push backs that could lead to missing your plane. Plan to have yourself and family at the airport two hours before your boarding time so you have plenty of opportunity to check your bags, go through security and find a place to settle with your baby before boarding.

Check the Stroller at Your Gate

Instead of checking your stroller with your bags, keep it with you while you wait to board your plane. This way, you don’t have to worry about carrying more than you can handle while navigating the airport.

Use a Baby Wearing Harness

If you don’t have plans to bring a stroller with you to the airport, consider a baby-wearing harness. Then, you’ll have your hands free to grab last minute snacks, use the restroom, and wheel around carryon baggage will keep your little one close by.

Opt for Early Boarding

Waiting to board a plane with a restless baby can be another nuance that comes with flying with kids, so opt for early boarding instead. Some airlines provide early boarding for families with small children for free - but if you prefer an airline that doesn’t, it’s worth it to pay the additional fee. Boarding early gives you and your baby plenty of time to get settled and situated before the plane takes off.

Plan Your Flights During Naptime

This tip for traveling with a baby might be one of the most important! Flying with a sleep deprived baby can be difficult for everyone involved (including your little one, yourself, and the other passengers.

Booking your flight during nap time can be a simple fix to the potential madness and can make for a smooth, silent trip.

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