Classic Baby Clothes

At Cygnet Living we are all about capturing that moment of childhood, with babyhood being but a microsecond. It seems like every day they have a fresh new face as we stare at the sweetness and try to figure out who they look like. They are a beautiful gift and we snap pictures every day trying to preserve that precious face. Holding them all soft and squishy in their vintage inspired baby clothes is a sensory experience in and of itself. Cygnet Living specializes in timeless baby clothing and baby gift sets whether you are buying our classic baby clothes as a gift for a friend, or simply an adorable baby outfit for your own wee one. The charm of English baby clothing helps you create your own unique style by adding a monogram. The quality shines through with luxury natural fibers like buttery soft merino wool and cashmere. Finding the perfect gift is as simple as opening up our website. Once you experience Cygnet Living, you will be back for more of our vintage style baby outfits!