Heirloom Bonnet
Heirloom Bonnet

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Heirloom Bonnet

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This elegant bonnet is knitted in 100% wool yarn that is uniquely made to be so fine and soft it’s like cashmere! The breathability is unlike most wool yarns! Perfect for every season.... 


  • hand wash mild soap, lukewarm water 
  • creamy white color
  • knit cord ties 
  • matches the Heirloom Baby Blanket



hand wash gently in mild soap and water-no twisting or wringing

gently press out water

lay on little towel, roll up like a burrito and press firmly! may need to repeat this step 

lay flat to dry

steam with an iron to perk back up if needed 

Tip: We advise storing this 100% wool item freshly washed and completely dry in a freezer zip lock bag in the off season. Even the cleanest of homes can get a bug that can wreck your woolens!